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Scottish Christmas CD - hammered dulcimer with Maggie Sansone
Peaceful traditional carols and holiday music by an ensemble. $15.98
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The Cottage Door CD (Greenwood Tree)
Sixteen tunes with hammered dulcimer, bowed psaltery, guitar, mandolin and a bit of bones. Lively music. $16.00
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Bluebells of Scotland CD (Joe Jewell)
Joe Jewell & friends play twenty Scottish tunes. The lovely hammered dulcimer is accompanied by harp, pennywhistle, fiddle, bodhran, guitar and yes bagpipes. $16.00
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'Neath the Mistletoe CD- (Dulcimer Dan)
Classic holiday music by Dulcimer Dan and the Blue Skies Band. $16.00
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Best of Old-Time Hymns CD (Dulcimer Dan)
Dulcimer Dan & the Blue Skies Band play "Sweet Hour of Prayer," "I Saw the Light," "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" and eleven other favorite hymns. Hammered dulcimer, guitar, flute, fiddle, piano and bass. $16.00
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More of the Best of Old-Time Hymns Vol. 2 CD (Dulcimer Dan)
Dulcimer Dan & the Blue Skies Band play "I'll Fly Away", "Blessed Assurance", and twelve other old-time hymns. Hammered dulcimer, guitar, harmonica, flute, fiddle and bass. $16.00
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Let Me Call You Sweetheart CD - hammered dulcimer music
Dulcimer Dan and the Blue Skies Band play beautiful Oldies favorites including Oh! You Beautiful Doll, On Moonlight Bay, Bicycle Built for Two. $16.00
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Memories Made in the South CD (Dulcimer Dan)
Over a dozen tunes - wonderful mix of songs by Stephen Foster and more. Performed by Dulcimer Dan and the Blue Skies Band $16.00
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Sounds of the Season (Maggie Sansone on the hammered dulcimer)
Twenty traditional Christmas carols and dances. $15.98
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The Hammered Dulcimer Christmas Sampler CD (Kendra Ward & Bob Bence)
Instrumental music for the holiday season. $16.00
Ancient Light CD
Has hammered dulcimer, psaltery and other instruments. Lovely tunes of the past. $16.00
Home for Christmas CD (Dulcimer Dan)
Classic holiday songs by Dulcimer Dan and the Blue Skies Band. Hammered dulcimer and other folk instruments. $16.00
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O Beautiful Star CD (Joe Jewell)
Joe Jewell and fellow musicians play classic and ancient holiday songs. Hammer dulcimer accompanied by other folk instruments $16.00
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Old-Time Gospel Favorites CD
14 gospel classics with harmony and old-time instruments. $15.98
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Some Glad Morning! CD (Kendra Ward & Bob Bence)
Instrumental hymns featuring hammered dulcimer. $16.00
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Way Down Yonder CD (Kendra Ward & Bob Bence)
Very lively. Kendra's hammer fly to hit all the notes and extras in these old-time favorites. Bob provides the rhythm for toe-tapping tunes. $16.00
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Midnight on the Water CD (Wendy Grethen)
My CD with songs played on the mountain and hammered dulcimer. Morning Has Broken, Ashoken Farewell, Greensleaves and more. $10.00
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Early American Roots CD
Early American Roots features spirited new sounds from early Colonial America - from the arrival of the first colonists to the American Revolution and the birth of our republic. Performing on recorders, Baroque violin, viola da gamba, flageolet, hammered $15.98
Spirit of the Mountains CD - instrumental music of the Southern Appalachians
Anne Lough plays Rags, Reels, Waltzes and old-time music on the hammered & mountain dulcimers. $16.00
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New Land CD (Dulcimer Dan)
Dulcimer Dan and the Blue Skies Band play Irish and Old-Time tunes including "Petronella", "St. Anne's Reel," and the lovely "Ashoken Farewell". $16.00
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Ramblin' in the Rackensack CD (Joe Jewell)
Songs of the Ozarks $16.00
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Dancing Bear CD (Joe Jewell)
Beautiful songs on the hammered dulcimer $16.00
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Fantasy at the Faire renaissance and celtic music CD - Joe Jewell
Renaissance & celtic music. Over an hour long. Many other instruments plus hammered dulcimer. $16.00
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Front Porch Waltz CD (Rick Thum)
Enjoy the music by hammered dulcimer player, Rick Thum. Some favorites for everyone. $16.00
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Hammered Fiddle Tunes CD (Rick Thum)
Toe tappin' music by Rick Thum and the gang. $16.00
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Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer Volume 2 CD
More of the best mountain dulcimer players. Variety of tunes, superb music. $16.00
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Rural Roots of Bluegrass CD by Wayne Erbsen
Fun fun fun songs. Great beat. 13 vocals and 3 instrumental. $15.98
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Grandad's Favorite CD - Mountain Dulcimer (Mark Gilston)
Old-timey tunes. Mt. Dulcimers are great for this. $16.00
Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer - Volume I CD
A nice collection of mountain dulcimer songs played by some of the top players in the world. $16.00
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What the Hill People Say CD (Susan Trump)
Mountain dulcimer and more. Songs of the hills by Susan Trump. $16.00
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Valley of Abundance CD (Wanda Degan)
Wanda sings and plays the mountain dulcimer, hammer dulcimer & autoharp. Tunes on the Great Lakes. $16.00
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One Hot Texas Night CD (Sweet Song String Band)
Old time tunes at their best. $16.00
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Hop High Ladies CD (Sweet Song String Band)
Heel kickin' tunes - a blast to listen to. $16.00
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Southern Mountain Classics CD ( Wayne Erbsen)
16 Great old-time instrumentals. Besides mountain dulcimer you'll also hear the fiddle and banjo. Toe tappin'! $15.98
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Dances with Dulcimers CD (Mark Gilston)
Music from Sweden, Scotland, Ireland, France, Bavaria, Norway and the U.S. $16.00
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