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Bowed Psaltery with Celtic rosette (Unicorn Strings)
Played by drawing the bow across the strings at the edge of the instrument. Set includes psaltry, bow, carrying box, book, tape, spare strings, rosin, tuning wrench and note guides. Web special: $275.00 $235.00 Save $40.00!
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Bowed Psaltery (Unicorn Strings) - diamond holes
Basic psaltery with the true haunting sound. Diamond soundhole design. Comes with bow, tuning wrench, & rosen. Case available - sold separately. Web special: $265.00 $225.00 Save $40.00!
Capo for Strumstick or banjo. Clamps all strings to change the keyl
Cajon drum. Sit on it and play rhythms.
Play your dulcimer while someone adds rhythms on the cajon. $139.00
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Strumstick - Key of D. Comes with padded case. Super fun.
Fretboard is just like a mountain dulcimer except the high note (treble) string is on the bottom. Easy to play. Comes with book & CD. Use regular mountain dulcimer tab to play. Sound is similar to a banjo (a bit lighter). Great volume for the small s $189.00
Ceramic ocarina - small size
Wear this instrument and play it wherever you go. Turtle or fish design. $25.00
Ocarina - teardop and straw-fired, 6 holes.
Wear and play. Tootly toot! $24.95
Harmonica Econo Pack
Instrument and book. $9.95
Harmonica - key of C
Bluesband, Hohner International harmonica in the key of C. Metal, not plastic. Comes with mini song sheets. $7.50
Jaw Harp - metal with instructions
Very portable. Playable with some practice. $7.95
Dancing Limberjack percussion instrument (cherry or walnut wood)
Comes with stick, board and instructions. What fun to make the limberjack man dance! Great for all ages. $23.00
Ocarina - small and colorful, plastic
Wear this instrument around your neck and whistle out some tunes. $6.95
Play the ocarina - instrument and booklet
A basic rounded whistle type you can wear around your neck. Book has easy to play tunes. Instrument is plastic. $8.95
Apple - shaped shaker
Easy to play. Don't eat it though. $7.50
Gourd-shaped shaker
Make music simply by shaking. Nice to have out by the table too. $7.50
Pastel colored shaker egg
Shake it to accompany any instrument or even a singing tune. $3.50
Wooden Spoons made of cherry
Clap along with these wooden spoons. Fun for all ages. $23.00
Irish Penny Whistle - Mel Bay - Walton Key of D
Great sounding. Inexpensive. $9.95
Custom Mel Bay Tinwhistle - Key of D - red
Very affordable instrument. Play alone or with others. $6.00
Little Black D Tinwhistle
Fun to play. Portable.. $9.95
Clarke Sweetone Tinwhistle Key of D, black
Play tunes on this handy portable instrument. $8.95
Plastic nose flute
Place it below your nose and blow out - through your nose. Clean noses only. $2.25
Celtic knot Door Harp
Hang on your door for an angelic sound everytime your door opens. $46.00
Lap Harp (plucked psaltery)
Simple instrument. Great for all ages. Comes with a 12 pack of songs. Other song packs available. $60.00
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Black plucked psaltry. 2 octaves. Comes with padded case.
Plucked psaltry - black with celtic insert. Comes with padded case and song sheets. $120.00
Ukulele. Cute little ukulele. Aloha.
4 strings to play. $39.00