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Wooden finely crafted mountain dulcimer capo (walnut)
Use the capo to change keys. Made by Ron Ewing. $24.00
Wooden finely crafted mountain dulcimer capo (cherry)
Use the capo to change keys. Made by Ron Ewing $24.00
Mountain Dulcimer hammer - plays chord
You can create a fun sound on your dulcimer by using this finely crafted hammer. It will reach all your strings and has a padded side and wood side for two different sounds. Comfort grip to make it easy to balance it between your fingers and thumb. $17.00
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McSpadden soft dulcimer case - blue, water-repellant
Carry your mountain dulcimer in this handy case. Has backpack straps. Fits dulcimers up to 36" X 8" wide. Nice snug fit for carrying the McSpadden dulcimers. $47.00
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You Can Teach Yourself Hammered Dulcimer (with CD)
Go ahead and play a little. Basic steps for learning to play this lovely instrument. $19.95
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First Lessons Hammered Dulcimer with CD by Mel Bay
Just what you need to get started on the hammered dulcimer. $9.99
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First Lessons Mountain Dulcimer DAD tuning by Joyce Ochs
Comes with a CD. $9.99
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Mountain Dulcimer Chord Chart
Shows chords for DAD, DAA and DAC tuning. Great resource. $4.95
Favorite Christmas Carols mountain dulcimer book by Helen Johnson
Favorite tunes. Easy to read tablature. DAD tuning. $16.00
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How Great Thou Art dulcimer book by Helen Johnson
Wonderful selection of tunes. DAD tuning. Intermediate level. Some have accompanying harmony page. $16.00
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Dulci-Merry Christmas - 13 tunes, DAD tab. Bk #7 Shelley Stevens BD
More great Christmas favorites. Has tab and chords. Spiral bound. $7.95
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Baker's Dozen book (Shelley Stevens) - DAD tuning - All 13 books available.
Thirteen different books to choose from Shelley Stevens : Celtic, Old-Time, Children's favorites, Holiday music (2 volumes), Jam Tunes, and more. Newest book: Patriotic Songs. Email me for full listing. $7.95
Cardboard mountain dulcimer kit - Black Mountain
Easy to follow steps. Custom make/color your own soundbox. Quite durable. Frets are already in place. It only takes a few hours to make (plus glue drying time). $68.00
Dancing Limberjack percussion instrument (cherry or walnut wood)
Comes with stick, board and instructions. What fun to make the limberjack man dance! Great for all ages. $23.00