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Schaller Oyster Pickup - attaches with adhesive putty
This pickup is about the size of a quarter and sticks to your instrument with adhesive putty. Has 8' cord to plug into your amp. $65.00
Sound Pick-up (SF30 Platypus)
Use with your electronic tuner so you can tune up your instrument even with lots of sounds in the vicinity. $17.00
Electronic tuner. KORG CA-30. Batteries Included.
A tool for all stringed instruments. Korg tuners are inexpensive and accurate. $32.00
Tune Tech Clip-on Chromatic Tuner
Fully automatic, vibration sensor means accurate full range chromatic tuning. Clips directly to instrument. Well-lit. $28.00
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Assorted Hammers - double sided
Beautifully made hammers with assorted woods and cut out shapes. The Celtic knot design is the most popular. It's available in light, medium or dark wood. The Treble Clef design is an extra long hammer - 9 inches. Add $2. The others are standard 8". $36.00
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Simple one side spoon hammers
For a nice light touch to playing the hammer dulcimer. $24.00
Single face basic hammer set
Wooden basic hammers for the hammered dulcimer $20.00
Grey case for Hammered dulcimer. Fits 14/13 instrument. Only sold with instrum.
Grey padded case. Has side pouch. Water-resistant material. This carries a dulcimer that has an endrails of 34" and 17" ,Perpendicular measure is 15", 3.5" thick. $55.00
Hammered dulcimer case (TK O'Brien) - only sold with instrument
Black hammered dulcimer case, with strap (not shown) This carries a dulcimer that has an endrails of 35" and 17" ,Perpendicular measure is 14", 3.5" thick. $55.00
Gooseneck adjusting wrench
Works on lap harp, psaltery or hammered dulcimers. $9.50
T-wood handle tuning wrench
Use to tune a hammered dulcimer. Easy to grip. $17.50
Ash adjustable hammered dulcimer stand
Handy. Set how you want to stand or sit while playing the hammered dulcimer. $239.00
Hammerhead hammers
Use these hammer head shaped hammers to play your hammered dulcimer. Fun for everyone. $26.00
Hammered Dulcimer Chord Book
Helpful pictures on each page help you learn chords. $12.95